Sunday, February 5, 2012

1961 Helps Me Shape My Bread Loaves

Baking Homemade Bread: How To Shape Loaves

Rolled Dough Method

Step 1
With rolling pin, roll dough out to uniform thickness, stretching by hand to form rectangle approximately 9″ x 12″. Make certain to break down all gas bubbles in the outer edge of the dough.
Step 1 - Rolled Dough Method -
Step 2
From upper edge, roll dough toward you, jelly roll fashion, sealing dough with heel of hand after each roll of dough. (About four turns will bring you to last seal.) Be sure to seal final seam on bottom of loaf.
Step 2 - Rolled Dough Method -
Step 3
Seal ends of loaf by using the side of hand to get thin sealed strip.
Step 3 - Rolled Dough Method -
Step 4
Fold sealed ends of loaf under, using fingers. Avoid tearing dough.
Step 4 - Rolled Dough Method -
Step 5
Place shaped loaf, with seam side down, in well greased bread pan (approx. 8″ x 5″ top inside measure).
Step 5 - Rolled Dough Method -
Step 6
When bread has risen until doubled put pans in oven, leaving space around each pan so heat can circulate freely around pans.
Step 6 - Rolled Dough Method -
Source: Robin Hood Breads & Rolls, 1961

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