Monday, January 2, 2012

The Book Nerd's Jewelry Box

For my birthday last May, my husband gave me a jewelry box. But not just any jewelry box. See, I don't like the typical kind of stuff. I have a less sophisticated taste than say my sister or most grown women I know. My bedroom is an eclectic gathering of mismatched things that make no sense to anyone else but make perfect sense to me.

See? Told you. It's a work in progress. One day, when I have time, that dresser will be red. And the walls that have not been painted will be. And the red phone booth canvas was intended for my office, but then how could I enjoy it?

I realize I have a tackiness problem. Shut up.

So anyway, he bought me a jewelry box. It looked like this when it came home:

Sorry for the crappy iPhone pic quality.

It has sat on my dresser looking like this for months. Well, since May, so that's, what, like 6 or something months? I'm an English teacher. We don't Math.

I couldn't figure out what color I wanted to paint it. I had all these suggestions from friends. Turquoise. Yellow. Mint Green. Red. But I couldn't commit to anything because I wanted it to "match" my room. Until I realized something:

That's impossible.

So, I was walking through Hobby Lobby with my mother the day after Christmas and decided to go check out the acrylic paint. I literally played eeny meeny miney moe with the colors and decided on "Lush Foliage." What a great word, "lush." 

And so I painted it.

The handle inserts are card stock of different flying creatures, like birds and insects. There was one on the stock of what looked like a derranged deer, but I thought that would be a bit much.

I'm sure in a few months, I will decide the box needs to be a different color, but for now, I'm happy with it. And it fits nicely in my mismatched room from hell.


  1. *I* can has a typewriter?! Maybe for graduation? :D

  2. I love it! What a great color. :)