Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Kitchen Curtains

This past summer, I lucked up and found ten yards of vintage fabric for ten bucks. I didn't know what I was going to do with it, only that I liked it and that I knew I'd find something useful for it one day. Then, halfway through the Fall semester, I realized just what to do: make curtains for my kitchen.

Now, I should explain a few things about my kitchen. When we moved into this house, I hated it (the kitchen). The cabinets are horrible. The counter tops are made of that old laminate stuff. The appliances (specifically the dishwasher) look like something out of 1973. Oh, and the washer and dryer are in the corner, which somehow makes it impossible for an actual kitchen table to be in the room--even a small bistro style table. Needless to say, I was unhappy because I LOVE a good kitchen. A good kitchen is easily my favorite room in the house.

But my kitchen was not good. And I knew we couldn't afford the money or time it would take to give it a modern update.

Then, one day, while visiting with my Gran, I realized something. Her kitchen is my most favorite room that exists on this planet. And her kitchen is old school. Just like mine. But hers has character because she has given it the character it needs.

And so I started to work my magic. Slowly. Piece by piece. Today, another piece fell in place. I made and hung three basic, old school curtains that look divine in my now "happy place" kitchen.

I think...think...all that's left to do now is find the right rug for the room, which I'm fairly sure will need to be a large, braided, red rug. Oh, and to make some hand towels. And replace the cabinet hardware.

A little at a time...


  1. I actually like the look of your kitchen, especially with your brand-spanking-new curtains. They're quite lovely :)

    I also especially like your owls above the hood :D But I do agree: those cabinets are horrible.

  2. Right?! Like how much of a slag does a person have to be to actually pick those things out and say, "Yeah, these will be perfect?!" I've order red handles for them all to see if that will spruce them up any. Part of me thinks I may have to end up painting them something colorful just to get the yuck to go away.

  3. I bet those cabinet door hinges squeak, don't they? They look like they squeak.

    They also look like all of the cabinets I have ever seen in any older black woman's house in my life. I've been in a fair few. So I feel like I'm going to get earthly wisdom rained down upon me and my butt handed to me at the same time, haha.

    You might think about getting some other kind of laminate or something for the counter tops, too. However, rather than replacing the whole counter tops, you can just measure the space (including the sides) and get sheet laminate and just cut it and glue it down with wood glue. Much cheaper than replacing the counter tops. It's what we did in our kitchen when my step-dad renovated it. It's another possible way to add some color :)